December 2014

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Arms Up Stretch

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This is a simple daily practice to help relieve neck and shoulder pain. The arms up stretch boosts arm circulation and supports upper body wellness. It’s demonstrated by New Jersey licensed massage therapist Veda King Blanchard.

Legs Up

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A simple daily practice, putting your legs up the wall boosts leg circulation and can help decrease restless leg syndrome. Here demonstrated by New Jersey licensed massage therapist Veda King Blanchard of

Physical Mastery

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There is one Energy – Source, Light.

All is of and from this one Light. Light fills the vegetables, making them green. Light flows, making muscles grow. Light breathes, each molecule and every self whole and together. Light is in all ways infinite.

I breath. I am breathed. I see Light flowing, in, of, and as all things. I am Light.

Light creates perfect balance within each cell, each breath. My body is filled with perfect shape, strength, and health. I run, playing with my dog. I laugh, swimming with my love. I dance in joy of pure freedom, reveling in the bountiful light of each moment.

I am so happy and grateful now that I am Light, loving life in perfect and complete, balanced health.

Feeling Light in all its infinite directions, I release these words out into it, knowing as I do that it is so. With grateful acceptance and a joyous heart, I say in gratitude and so it is.

Self Mastery

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There is one source, whole, complete, infinite. This source is the flowers, the birds, the wind flowing through the trees. This source is everything and all, micro and macro, always clear, always itself.


I am. One micro piece of source, I am source, infinite in each direction. I am one with source, micro into the macro ever expanding and clarifying.


I am my purest self. My intentions are clearly set and filled with the love of source. My pursuits are abundantly fruitful.


I am so happy and grateful now that all of my movements are actions created in consciousness and love.


Joyfully, I release my knowledge of pure self into source. I say with love and gratitude as I do, and so it is.