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Currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 social distancing measures. Please check our Zoom schedule for virtual sessions.

(a 12 week program, starting at 36-weeks)
Includes the following:

8 weekly 90min massages for mom at Rooted Arts.
Regular massage at the end of pregnancy supports the body in preparing for labor, and helps keep mom and baby relaxed. Regular massage after delivery supports soft tissue in recovering from the strain of pregnancy and childbirth.

3 monthly 45min consults at Rooted Arts on mom’s changing center of gravity.
Each session will begin with postural analysis while mom is walking, sitting, and standing. Stretches tailored to each mom will be suggested to help keep her comfortable as her center of gravity changes.

1 Birth Plan meeting of up to 2hrs length.
This will be a meeting with both parents when Veda will provide support in determining a clear birth plan full of options for common delivery room variables. We will also discuss potential positions for during delivery, ways for dad to provide support, and meditation/visioning/breathing techniques for mom to use during labor.

4 weekly 70min home visits the month following delivery. Each includes –
One 30min reflexology session, 30 minutes of support for mom (ie dishes, vacuuming, watching baby), and one healthy homemade frozen food item (ie soup or casserole).

1 infant massage class (2-3 hours).

This class is offered for mom, dad, and any other interested family members.

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