Massage sessions start with a brief postural analysis. Together, therapist and client set an intention for the day’s session ranging from relaxation to relief of chronic pain. Various modalities are utilized, as appropriate, to address the full muscle tension patterns held in the body. Clients will leave feeling their physical bodies returned to a state of balance and ease.


Bodywork sessions are gentle sessions focused on balancing the body’s energetic flow to support overall health and well-being. Clearing energetic blockages improves the body’s ability to independently repair itself to achieve homeostasis. Before beginning, the therapist will do an energetic scan of the client’s field to find blockages on various points, layers, or meridians of the energetic body. The client and therapist with then agree on an intention for the session and begin.

Intuitive Coaching

Coaching sessions involve therapeutic talking. Through intuition, focus on present moment, and conscious conversation, practitioners support the client’s growth through past experiences. Massage and energy modalities are implemented as needed for physical and spiritual support during the session.

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